Audrey has been a certified eyelash technician for over 10 years and will provide you with a beautiful set of professional semi-permanent EnVogue Lashes® that look and feel so real you won't believe your eyes.
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Not sure if eyelash extensions are right for you?

*Audrey, the extension specialist will advise you on your options to enhance your lashes.  You can choose to have the "Individual Classic" or "Layered" extensions, or "Russian Style Volume" extensions. Combining different techniques will ensure your desired look.  The best part is...together we can make the best choice for you.



                     Classic Individual Eyelash Extensions:


*One extension per eyelash strand
* Best option for long term use
*Perfect for special occasions and daily wear.

Outer Corner Enhancement…up to 15 lashes/eye

*Allow 30 minutes

*$40.00...for mink add additional $5.00

*Lasts 3-6 weeks 

 Refills: see below

Natural Look 30-45 lashes/eye

*Allow 90 Minutes

*$80.00…for mink, add an additional $20.00

*Lasts 3-6 weeks 

* Refills: see below


High Density...60-75 lashes/eye

*Allow 120 minutes

*$90.00...for mink add an additional $20.00

*Lasts 3-6 weeks 

*Refills: see below

Refill Choices

 *Up to 26:         $25.00…allow 30 minutes 

 *Up to 40:         $35.00…allow 40 minutes 

*Up to 58:         $45.00…allow 50 minutes

 *Up to 75:         $55.00…allow 60 minutes







**Volume** Eyelash Extensions are multiple light weight extension strands.  They add lots of volume for a fuller look without damaging the natural lash.  *Volume application is when multiple extension strands bound together are attached to a single natural lash.
*They are great at filling in sparse areas!
*Up to 16 lashes   $45.00…Allow 30 minutes
*Up to 22 lashes   $60.00…Allow 45 minutes
*Up to 26  lashes   $75.00…Allow 90 minutes
*Still not sure which option is best for you? My suggestion then is to begin with the natural look. Its less expensive, it gives you a chance to see if they are right for you, and it allows you to finally try eyelash extensions. If you find you like them and want to add more volume in the future, you can do that.
The Weekend Look
          For those special weekend occasions in which short term eyelash extensions are what you need:
The temporary adhesive will get you through that occasion but not last the full duration.

Weekender Enhancement…full set of lashes/eye

*Allow 45 minutes

*$55.00...for mink add additional $10.00


Are they safe?  Eyelash extensions are completely safe.  The adhesive used is surgical grade that is gentle,
odor free, and it creates a very strong bond between the eyelash extension and your natural lash.
 How are extensions applied?    The procedure is pain free and will not harm your eyelids or natural lashes. 
 The adhesive never touches your skin.  The extensions are applied individually after being brushed
with glue.  It’s actually quite relaxing….some will nap during the procedure.
Do the extensions really come in different colors?  The extensions come in an array of different colors to  
add an intriguing look to the eye.  Laced into your black extensions a splash of blue, green, brown, or purple
 is awesome and very subtle.

*The interesting thing about the colorelashes are the colors

are visibly noticeable ONLY when the sun’s rays are

reflecting off the lashes, not always seen, but when they are…ooh la la.


*Advanced techniques add beautiful  
 Swarovski Crystals®  for accent.  Crystal stones in warm or cool tones. They’re perfect for brides and the bridal parties, proms, those special events, or just because they are so fun.  Together we can find what works for you.
$10.00...for each crystal with application.
10 day advance notice and 50% deposit required.. 
Pre Lash Treatment:
*To prepare for you eyelash extension service, my recommendations are:
*Wash with mild soap and rinse eye area thoroughly.
*Avoid using creams, lotions, or oils in eye area the day of your service.
*Brush and separate wet lashes for best results
*Allow to air dry
Post Lash Treatment:
*To care for your beautiful new lashes my recommendations are:
*Be gentle with your eyes. If you have an itch, rub around the extension.
*Do not shower or wet them for 24 hours in order to allow the adhesive to really set.
* Avoid eyelash curlers since they will kink the extensions making them appear tangled.
*Avoid creams, cleansers, and make-up removers containing oils.
*If you still want to use mascara, use water-based mascara only on just the tips.

Before and After Photos





Eyebrow Enhancement


You can add fullness to your natural brows with semi permanent EyeBrow extensions. 
Both men and woman can stay current with the trends
in the beauty enhancement industry.
*30-35 strands/brow
*Allow 45 Minutes
Colors in light brown, brown or black

refills… 1 week  $20.00,  2 weeks $25.00,  3 weeks $35.00,  4 weeks $45.00,  6+ weeks $55.00


  *Reserve  today.  Text or Call at 508 742 5644  

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* Hours of operation exceptions: For bridal and other special occasions we will accommodate as best as possible.

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